An equestrian festival on Salzburg's Kapitel Square

The Georgi Kirchweih in Salzburg

Every year the Georgi-Festival in honour of the patron saint of farming, St. Georg, takes place in the centre of the City of Salzburg. This traditional ecclesiastic festival heralds the start of the agricultural summer. When the men in bright uniforms ride through the historic streets of Salzburg on their groomed and decorated horses you should really be there to see it.   

Georgi Kirchweih 2019

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To honour St. Georg

Georgi-Ride to Hohensalzburg Fortress

The brass band rings out its melodies from the marquee, the smell of roasting sausages is in the air, at the table next to you a group of men in "Lederhosen" are clinking their beer mugs joyfully to the sound of laughter and conversation. Every year in April the Georgi Ride and Georgi Fair are celebrated on Kapitel Square in the middle of Salzburg's historic Old Town. The Georgi-Kirchweih is a festival that attracts locals and guests alike and is an ideal way to find out more about Salzburg's traditions and customs. The highlight of the festivities is the Georgi Ride.

This festive day in Salzburg is organised annually to honour St. Georg, one of the 14 holy helpers and the patron saint of animals and farmers. St. Georg's day is 23rd April and around this date, the festival is held. The highlight of the festival is when the colourful pageant of horses and riders leave Kapitel Square on their ride up to Hohensalzburg Fortress. In ST. Georg's chapel high above the roofs of Salzburg a holy mass is celebrated and the horses are blessed - a very moving and fitting end to the celebrations. 

Salzburg's St. Georg Fair

Getting to the Georgi-Fair in Salzburg

The fair itself is located on Salzburg's Kapitel Square in the heart of the old town. The festivities are opened with the traditional first tapping of a keg of beer. Inside and outside the marquee there are plenty of beer tables and benches, brass bands play folk music, all around there are small stands and booths, the Old Town is alive with the hustle and bustle of expectant visitors.

For a change of scenery from Ebner's Waldhof, why not go into Salzburg to experience one of Salzburg's most long-standing traditions. 


From Ebner’s Waldhof the drive into Salzburg takes about 30 minutes. There are plenty of car parks in and near the old town: 

  • Altstadtgaragen/Mönchsberggaragen
  • Rot-Kreuz-Parkplatz an der Salzach
  • underground car park Unipark in Nonntal

It's just a short walk from all the car parks to Kapitel Square where you can join in the Georgi Fair festivities.