Narcisuss festival in Bad Aussee

The Ausseerland, the region that surrounds the Altausser Lake and the spa town of Bad Aussee, is steeped in tradition and the most important tradition has to do with the white narcissus, or Poet's Narcissus that grows here naturally - The Narcissus Festival takes place at the end of June each year and presents an amazing array of hand imaginative, hand-made narcissus figures. 

The wild-growing daffodils beautify the Ausseerland Region in the Salzkammergut Lake District, transforming idyllic mountain and lake landscapes into a sea of scented blossoms. The Narcissus Festival is the most significant festival of the year for the region and is well worth a visit. 


This year the festival in 
Bad Aussee takes place 
from 25th May to June 2nd.
Come and stay at the 
Waldhof and enjoy a great 
holiday full of fantastic 

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Say it with flowers

Thousands of wild growing flowers are used to form amazing figures that are then paraded through the streets of Bad Aussee and in boats on Altaussee Lake. Go on a picturesque drive to Ausseerland and enjoy the Narcissus Festival - you'll love it!

From Lake Fuschl to Auseerland

From Ebner's Waldhof it will take you about an hour to get to Ausseerland. The drive will take you along the beautiful shores of Wolfgang Lake and past Bad Ischl, where you could stop for a break and enjoy coffee and cake at the famous Café Zauner.