Whitsun Festival in Salzburg

You've always wanted to visit the Salzburg Festival, but your holiday is over Whitsun? No problem! We have the perfect solution: Tickets for the Whitsun Festival and a room or suite at Ebner's Waldhof, the perfect holiday accommodation, right on the shores of Lake Fuschl and just a short drive away from the Festival City of Salzburg. 

First there was the Summer Festival, then the Easter Festival and since 1973 the Whitsun Festival has become an inherent component in Salzburg's annual cultural calendar. So if you can't make it for the Summer or Easter Festivals, you still have the chance to be a part of this unique cultural spectacle - at Whitsun.   

The Whitsun Festival at the Waldhof

The Whitsun Festival is held over the Whitsun weekend (Whit Saturday, Sunday & Monday). At this time of year the streets of Salzburg are lively and pulsating. If you want to enjoy the flair, atmosphere and fantastic cultural events but nevertheless escape the urban hectic, you find this ideal combination at Ebner's Waldhof, the ideal holiday destination on the shores of Lake Fuschl. During the day you can relax and treat your body to a well-earned holiday in the hotel's huge wellness area and then enjoy a refreshing swim in the lake. In the evening set your mind and soul free in a fantasy world of drama, music and song in the Festival City of Salzburg, just 20 kilometres from the hotel. 

A Whitsun holiday at Ebner's Waldhof by the lake is a perfect trio of culture, relaxation and picturesque countryside. 

Salzburg Festivals

In addition to the Whitsun Festival, this great cultural event can be experienced in summer at the main Salzburg Festival. 

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Easter Festival

The amazing festival programme can also be enjoyed at Easter when the Easter Festival invites you to enjoy unforgettable moments at a wide range of concerts and drama and opera performances.

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