Visit, explore and discover the Salzkammergut Lake District 

Finally discover!

Although Ebner's Waldhof by the lake is so comfortable and has so much to offer, you should venture out into the surrounding region and discover what it has to offer: Turquoise-blue lakes, majestic mountains, dense forests and century-old cultural sites. Magnificent in the variety it offers and yet down-to-earth and welcoming.

You will experience a region that keeps up with the times and yet is steeped in still celebrated tradition and where you will be greeted with warm and friendly hospitality from the Salzkammergut locals . You will sense the pride taken in the idyllic towns, countryside and cultural landmarks that are just waiting to be visited, explored, discovered and enjoyed. 

So close to discovery

Excursion ideas for your stay by Lake Fuschl

  • Ruming Mill: 
    This local water mill from the 19th Century pays testimony to the regions long milling history. A visit to the old mill, which is open to the public from May to September, will give you a chance to peep inside the mill and take a closer look at how the century-old technology works. Afterwards you can enjoy home-made specialities and see how bread is traditionally made. The kids will love the freedom to explore the terrain around the mill far away from any traffic and on Tuesdays cooking bread on a stick over an open fire is a real highlight. 
    How to get to the Ruming Mill: Hiking route no. 28 starting in Fuschl am See village – duration approx. 20 minutes
  • Wartenfels Castle Ruins: 
    This impressive cultural landmark nestles on the west slopes of the Schober Mountain and dates back to AD 1,259. It’s a great hiking destination offering fantastic views of the surrounding countryside. 
    How to get to Wartenfels Castle Ruins: Starting at Ebner’s Waldhof, hiking route no. 10 takes you directly from the hotel, past the Waldhof Alm up to the ruins – duration approx. 60 minutes.
  • Hundsmarkt Mill Thalgau:  
    This historic mill has been turned into a museum and its exhibits present the traditional process of turning grain to bread.  
    How to reach the Hundsmarkt Mill: On foot it takes around 1½ hours, by car 10 minutes.
  • Gut Aiderbichl Animal Sanctuary: 
    This popular sanctuary is not just a great day out for children. As well as guided tours of the estate, there are a number of informative short films, special exhibitions and Easter and Christmas markets according to the season. 
    How to get to Gut Aiderbichl: An approx. 30 minute drive, starting in the direction of Hof b. Salzburg via the B158.

Endless opportunities to explore the Salzkammergut Lake District

Excursion ideas for your stay at Ebner's Waldhof

  • City of Salzburg
    The famous Festival City with it’s many domes, spires, museums and medieval town houses is always worth a visit for culture lovers, history enthusiasts and alike. Its Old Town has been designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site and has a host of attractions for a fascinating day out. 
    - driving time: approx. 30 minutes
    - parking: fee charged (e.g.: Volksgarten car park, Linzer Gasse parking house, Mönchsberg garage, Rot-Kreuz car park)
  • Kaiser Villa Bad Ischl: 
    Once the summer residence of the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy, a visit to the Kaiser Villa in Bad Ischl will take you on a nostalgic journey where you will gain insight into how the Austrian royals used to live. Having visited the Villa, take time to visit the enchanting spa town of Bad Ischl with its famous Zauner pastry shop. 
    - villa opening times: from January to October and Advent weekends in December
    - driving time: approx. 30 minutes
    - parking: fees charged
  • Fortress Hohenwerfen: 
    Knights, falcons, cannons and armour - you'll find all this and more at the living museum Fortress Hohenwerfen. This is a great day out with ample to discover with fantastic views and even a bird of prey demonstration. 
    - open: from March to November
    - driving time: approx. 55 minutes
    - parking: fees charged
  • Dachstein Giant Ice Caves 
    Unique and spectacular: In the Dachstein Ice Caves you have the chance to witness a fascinating natural phenomenon that is equally beautiful and impressive..   
    - open: December to March, April to October
    - driving time: approx. 60 minutes
    - parking: free of charge (valley station of the Dachstein Krippenstein cable car)
  • 5 Fingers view point: 
    The Dachstein cable car brings you on a dramatic journey to the impressive 5- Fingers Alpine viewing platform which liturally takes you “over the edge” offering breath-taking views of the surrounding mountain panorama. 
    - open: December to March, April to October
    -driving time: approx. 75 minutes; Ascent starts at the valley station of the Krippenstein cable car (about 30 minutes to the platform) 
    - pariking: free of charge (valley station of the Dachstein Krippenstein cable car)
  • Salt Mines in Hallein: 
    Find out more about the history of mining salt (or “white gold” as it is also referred to) in the "Salzbergwerk” in Hallein that dates back to Celtic times. Dressed in salt miner’s overalls you venture into the heart of the demonstration mine on foot, by miners train and traditional wooden slides. 
    - open: from January to December (please check, exceptions are possible due to adverse weather conditions etc.) 
    - driving time: approx. 40 minutes
    - car parking: freefree of charge