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    At Ebner’s Waldhof am See, we have a vision – to treat you to a one-of-a-kind experience each and every day. And for this, we – the Ebner family & the entire Waldhof team – give our all. 

    Your Holiday Experience is our Labour of Love 

    Your holiday at Ebner’s Waldhof am See should be exactly as you dreamed it would be. Our understanding, insight and compassion play a major role in giving you an especially restful stay. 

    We aim to offer you a holiday experience that gives you a break from your everyday life and puts a smile on your face. We work to treat you to a holiday that inspires you. To do so, our passion must come from the heart. And that’s exactly what we do ... out of conviction.

    The Ebner family creates moments of happiness

    We are happy to accompany you through your holiday. You will find us wherever you want to relax, need something, and feel at home: at reception, in our restaurant, at the spa, in the rose garden, at the Waldhof Alm and on the golf course. We greet you with a “Good morning!” and ask how you’re doing. We are there for you, put a smile on your face and feel responsible for your well-being. That has always been – and will always be – the case.

    You will also get to know us personally: on a horse-drawn carriage ride with Steffi, a boat ride with Mr Ebner Sr, or at the weekly welcome reception with Dani. Our goal is to make you feel at home, like you are a member of our family. This is at the heart of our success and the heart of what we do. Welcome! 

    Our history is a journey 

    From a small B&B on Lake Fuschl to a holiday refuge: nothing happens from nothing. Usually, there is a lot of heart, vision, and plenty of hard work that goes into it. For us, the Ebner family, it has always been our passion to make you, our guests, happy. To open our hotel to you, to continuously improve it and to look back with pride at all we have achieved. 

    A look back at our beginnings 

    1958 - The bed and breakfast pension is opened

    Our story begins in 1958. Mother Elmtrude had a dream of running a bed-and-breakfast. Together with her son Herbert, she started making her dream a reality while her husband Georg ran the farm. The first guests came and were delighted. This delight kept growing – just like the Ebner family’s ideas and plans

    1969 - A huge step

    The family took their next big step in 1969 when the bed-and-breakfast became the Parkhotel Waldhof with 80 beds. Together with her daughters, Elmtrude ran the business – without knowing that the family would soon have to continue her dream without her. Elmtrude’s death brought the family closer together.

    1972 - The second generation

    In 1972, son Herbert took over leadership and expanded the hotel. The swimming pool was cutting edge for its time. Together with his wife Gaby, he started not only today’s Waldhof, but also their own family.

    1973 - United in marriage

    The young couple Gaby and Herbert are wed.

    1974–1978 - Blessed with children

    From 1974 to 1978, the family kept growing: Dani, Thomas and Stephi – the generation that now guides the fate of the Waldhof.

    1982–1987 - Major expansion phase in the 80s

    The period from 1982 to 1987 was characterised by development. The Waldhof grew. Today’s 4-star superior resort gradually took shape; not least because many ideas for winter sports and summer activities became reality. 

    1996 - Maiden voyage for the "Fuschlerin"

    The "Fuschlerin" departs from the jetty for the first time. Guests and locals alike are delighted by the first ever passenger boat service for the general public on Lake Fuschl.

    1998 - The Waldhof gets its own golf course and clubhouse – the Waldhof Alm

    The 3-hole golf course with its club house at the foot of the Schober Mountain is opened.  

    2002–2003 - Enhancement Villa & Hotel-Garni Sonnleitn

    After a seven-month construction phase the Waldhof Villa is completed, the family’s biggest investment to date. The Waldhof now boasts 43 new rooms, a cosy new restaurant seating 120, bearing the name the “Gütl-Stub'n” and an underground car park. 

    The hotel dependence Sonnleitn is also expanded. 

    2008–2009 - Enhancement house Ansitz

    The Waldhof Ansitz is enlarged, now housing 22 additional junior and family suites offering more room for families on holiday. Simultaneously, more space for the Waldhof Spa is created. Spreading over an area of 4,000 m² with 200 m² of pools, the Waldhof wellness area truly lives up to its name. Rounding off the great new facilities, the Waldhof opens the Gössl boutique and Austria’s first ever spa herb-kitchen. The staff are also pleased about the new employees’ living quarters in the "Villa Rosa".

    2010 - Everything families desire

    Adults and children alike are delighted about the development of the Waldhof Children’s World with its large play and climbing area as well as a day care room for painting, games and handicrafts. Above all, the free child care on 5 days a week becomes yet another attractive extra for families.

    2014 - The very best golfing prospects 

    In the course of renovation to the Waldhof Alm a spectacular panorama terrace is added as well as a new golfer’s lounge with pro-shop, seminar room, larger changing facilities and caddy room.  

    2016 - A fond farewell 
    • The family bid farewell to father, grandfather and father-in-law. Georg Ebner dies at the honourable age of 94.
    • The neighbouring hotel Sonnleitn is incorporated into the Ebner Resort and is more than just a cosy retreat: Known as the “bibliotel”, more than 2,000 books adorn the shelves of the rooms, breakfast room, terrace and even the area surrounding the natural swimming pond. The Sonnleitn is the perfect place to while away your time in a world of fantasy, comfort and peace.
    • The instalment of a lift makes access to the sauna and pool area barrier-free. The spa garden “Quellgarten” is covered over to enable guests to enjoy privacy, peace and tranquillity all year round. The rooms in the Waldhof Villa are fitted with wooden oak floors.
    2018 - 60 years Waldhof & 20 years Waldhof Alm

    The Waldhof is 60 years old and a big party is celebrated. Together with 200 regular guests one remembers many beautiful moments.

    2020 - Time for a change 

    A breath of fresh air is to move into the Waldhof and the holiday paradise is transformed into a large construction site. The Seerestaurant becomes the SeeBar, the kitchen is expanded and completely renovated. The sports hall makes room for the Villa Restaurant and the Arkadenhof also shines in new splendor. And quite incidentally, a superfluous staircase is transformed into a boulder room, a vitality bar is created and a new seminar room is created.

    2022 - No closing time without innovations

    In the mid-season in March, the water world is being diligently renovated. In addition to new floors and a new roof, the room "Seensucht" makes room for an elegant relaxation room with a panoramic view.

    Ebner’s Waldhof am See today 

    The Ebner family still runs the Waldhof with heart and soul. After Herbert and Gaby gradually withdrew from running the hotel, their children joined the family business: first came son Thomas, and a few years later, the family’s two daughters took the helm. Daniela Kari-Ebner returned to the family business and has been running it with her sister Stephanie Ouvrard-Ebner ever since. 

    This woman's power has ensured further growth, change and just as much heart and soul. This – and the well-being of their guests – is a source of pride for everyone. Not a year goes by without innovation. That is the spirit of our family – and our life’s work.