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    Refreshing & wild. Soothing & powerful. Just like nature and the mountains, the fresh scent of flowers and herbs will inspire you, just as you’ve always imagined it would. FINALLY – TIME TO EXHALE.

    The Waldhof Herb World

    Ah, the wonderful scent of nature. The healing power of herbs puts us in a good mood and is a dose of well-being for the senses. We, the Ebner family and our entire spa team, are eager to treat you to pampering and wellness. Do you know the effects of the lady’s mantle plant? Did you know that thyme can do more than make your food delicious? Learning more about the world of herbs is a perfect match for your holiday at our hotel with herb garden in Austria. 

    Our herb experts produce hydrosols, plant waters and oils with a passion. Holidays at the Ebner’s Waldhof am See are simply wonderful.

    Plants take centre stage at the Waldhof Spa 

    The diversity of alpine herbs in the Salzkammergut region is truly a treasure chest. You will find many a herb and plant in our Paracelsus herb garden. Here, they grow beautifully and are sure to be a source of inspiration for you. Would you like to know all the wonderful ways you can enjoy these plants? The herbs from our garden are transformed into delicious teas and products used in our spa treatments! 

    You can also learn how our hydrosols, essences and creams are created in our spa. Look forward to the variety of herbs added to your bath or sauna infusion, or enjoy the carefully crafted herbal oils during your massage.

    A peek at our spa workshop 

    When you enter the Waldhof Spa, have a look at the impressive copper cauldron. Do you find the mysterious instruments and scents fascinating? We admit, the herbal workshop in our spa looks a bit like an alchemist’s laboratory. Please feel free to ask us anytime if you have questions. Your spa team are already looking forward to your visit. 

    Workshops for handmade cosmetics 

    Would you like to learn first-hand about the many ways medicinal herbs can be used? Take part in one of our workshops and learn all about the plants, their effects and special features. You can take not only the new knowledge home with you, but also alpine herbs in the form of handmade products: from creams to nourishing soaps, your body will love these natural treasures from the Salzkammergut region.

    TEM – traditional European medicine 

    Just like Traditional Chinese Medicine, its European counterpart draws on the power of local herbs. This means that you benefit from the diversity of native herbs to which your body is genetically attuned. 

    At the Waldhof Spa you can experience their benefits first-hand. With herbal baths and hydrosols that we produce in the Waldhof herbal workshop, you can go on the search for natural health in a gentle and enjoyable way.

    A holiday that treats the body, mind and soul

    You’ll find a fragrant variety of herbs at the Waldhof. Around a hundred different herbs and medicinal plants grow in our herb garden on the terrace of the Waldhof Spa. They grow under the watchful eyes of our experts in traditional European medicine. 

    When these little botanical miracles are ready to be harvested, they are used not only in our spa, but throughout the entire resort, including our restaurant where they treat your tastebuds. Would you like to learn more about our cuisine and culinary herbs? 

    “We are experts on herbs and use our expertise and experience to create herbal extracts, oils and tinctures for you. We invite you to watch us at our work.” 

    Stefan Bichler, spa director and TEM practitioner

    Discovering Ebner's Waldhof am See ...

    Relax at the pool & the lake 

    Exclusive, cosy & peaceful

    Soothing warmth in all its glory 

    Feel the power of nature.