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    At Ebner’s Waldhof am See, we act responsibly and with the environment in mind. This is something that our guests value and appreciate. Are you looking for the best from our region? We bring you the most special things from Austria – and appreciate nature and its incredible power. FINALLY – LOCAL.

    Sustainability on your holiday

    The Waldhof Gives 110%

    Do you want to live in harmony with nature and do you value sustainable choices? Here at Ebner's Waldhof am See, you can be sure that we pay just as much attention to issues such as environmental protection, sustainability and fairness as we do to the joy that nature gives us in our beautiful surroundings. 

    Together with our team, the Ebner family strives to make meaningful contributions to health and sustainability. We invite you to join us on our mission.

    A green journey with an environmental impact 

    The path that leads through Ebner’s Waldhof am See is green – enjoy natural cosmetics in the Waldhof Spa; bed linen is laundered with biodegradable detergent; you won’t find plastic accessories and bags, but rather refillable containers. 

    All toilets are filled with service water instead of drinking water. Instead of pitching hundreds of plastic bottles in the waste bin, empty carafes are available for refilling – the tap water at the Waldhof is of the best drinking quality. Careful sorting of waste and recycling is a matter of course. 

    Renewable energy 

    With a heating air pump and green energy, the Waldhof uses 100% renewable energy. We also use timers, LED lights, electric vehicles and much more. As our guest, you can get around the Salzkammergut in an eco-friendly way: ride the ship across the lake, take a horse-drawn carriage through the village, use an e-bike to explore the region. 

    And while you are out enjoying yourself, our ventilation system will be recovering heat and our photovoltaic system generating new energy. 

    Regional diversity, that inspires 

    Love trying local foods and healthy dishes? At the Waldhof, you’ll find regional, sustainable cuisine. We focus on climate friendliness and short transport routes at Ebner’s Waldhof am See wherever we can.

    The regional suppliers who provide tasty treats like our bread and vegetables are just a hop, skip and a jump away. And the herbs you find in our drinks, spa treatments or sauna infusions come right from our own Waldhof herb garden.

    Would you like to help us put our green plan into action? 

    • Have you seen our spring water fountain at the reception and the Vitalbar? We invite you to refill your own container with our fresh spring water instead of buying bottled water.
    • Let’s say you only used your towel a bit – let our room service team know that you would like to use it again. Only towels that are on the floor will be sent to the laundry.
    • If your towel is dry enough after a dip in the pool or a trip to the sauna, why not use it again?
    • We don’t include disposable bathing slippers in our spa bag. After all, don’t you feel most comfortable in your own shoes anyway? But don’t worry – if you forget yours, a pair will be waiting for you at reception.
    • If you also think that food should not end up in the bin, only order or take what you are going to eat and feel free to get more later if you need it. With the variety, you’ll find at Ebner’s Waldhof am See, it is better to enjoy lots of small portions anyways!
    Home is truly where our hearts are

    That is why it is important for us to make a contribution. Every step, no matter how small, supports us on this journey. And this is something we are proud of! 

    Dani Kari-Ebner – Your Host 

    Things that make you feel good ...

    The mountains in view & the lake at your feet 

    Dive in & come alive at the Waldhof Spa 

    Fall asleep & wake up to lake views

    Experience the Lake Fuschl region sustainably