We also want to make our contribution


Welche "grünen Kräfte" kann ein Urlaubsresort wie Ebner's Waldhof am See bündeln, um den Ansprüchen an Nachhaltigkeit gewachsen zu sein? Der Gedanke an Morgen lässt auch den Waldhof nicht kalt und viele kleine Schritte ohne Abdruck wurden in den letzten Jahren im Waldhof umgesetzt. 

What "green forces" can a holiday resort like Ebner's Waldhof am See bundle, to meet the demands of sustainability? The thought of tomorrow doesn't leave the Waldhof cold either, and many small steps without leaving a mark have been implemented in den Waldhof in recent years.

Where do you suspect green traces in the Waldhof room?

They hide in the purely natural cosmetics and in the bed linen, which is cleaned with biodegradable agents. In addition, plastic accessories and bags were exchanged for refillable containers. All toilets in the house are fed with process water instead of drinking water. Instead of collecting hundreds of plastic bottles in the rubbish bin, empty carafes are ready to be refilled, because the water from the Waldhof pipes is of the best drinking quality!


The Waldhof gives 100%

Thanks to the heat-air pump and green electricity, 100% renewable energy flows in the Waldhof. There are also time switches, LED lamps and e-cars. You can also reach your destination in an environmentally friendly manner with Zille, horse-drawn carriages and e-golf carts. While the new ventilation system is already recovering heat, energy is being generated with the new photovoltaic system.


Local und regional

Even in the kitchen, you never tire of the topic of sustainability. In addition to careful waste separation and climate-friendly dishes, the Waldhof kitchen uses short distances. The regional suppliers are only a "hop" away. And the herbs for the drinks, spa treatments or sauna infusions are within reach and grow in your own garden.

Would you also like to support our green plan as a guest?

Even if the Waldhof team does everything possible, it will always be the guests who make it possible for the green plan to succeed. The Waldhof is happy about every step that supports the plan:

Steps that support

Step 1: Perhaps you have already discovered the drinking water fountain near the reception? Instead of buying water in plastic bottles, he invites you to keep refilling your container with spring water here.

Step 2: Maybe you only used a towel for a short time. Signal room service that you will continue to use it. Only towels lying on the floor are taken to the laundry.

Step 3: In our wellness bag we do without disposable bathing shoes - because don't you feel most comfortable in your own shoes anyway? But don't worry - if you should have forgotten them, our reception has a pair ready for you.

Step 4: If you also agree that groceries shouldn't end up in the bin, you'd better grab and reorder when you're craving more. The culinary diversity is not neglected anyway.