Ruperti Fair in Salzburg

Once a year the historic Old Town is turned into a huge, bustling fairground when Salzburg celebrates its patron saint, St. Rupert. The Ruperti Fair always takes place in September and dates back to the first concecration of Salzburg's Cathedral. Music, dance, food and drink and the popular funfair attractions makes the Ruperti Fair a "must" when you are here in September.  

Spit-roast ox, traditional Austrian brass band music, stalls and entertainment fill the squares around Salzburg Cathedral. Men in "Lederhosen" and the ladies in their traditional "Dirndl" dresses fill the colourful and vibrant scene as they stroll past the stands and fairground attractions: A familiar picture that has stayed the same for the last 30 years. The exuberant atmosphere is infectious and everyone who visits the Ruperti Fair gets a taste of the kind of living tradition that makes Salzburg so special.  

A living and lively tradition - the Ruperti Fair in Salzburg

How it all started

Even centuries ago the citizens of Salzburg enjoyed getting together to celebrate their patron saint, Rupert. The date of the first consecration of Salzburg's Cathedral was chosen as the day for these celebrations. For the ocsasion St. Ruperts mortal remains were moved from the collegiate church of St. Peter to the cathedral. Today Ruperti Day is a county holiday in Salzburg.  

The time-honoured tradition of celebrating the region's heritage with food, music all the fun of the fair attracts locals and guests alike and Salzburg's Old Town becomes heaving proof that it's a tradition that is here to stay. A visit to the Ruperti Fair in September is a great day or evening out for all the family. 

When is the
Ruperti FAir?

The Ruperti Fair takes place every year from 

23th  - 27th  September. Make sure you book your room at Ebner's Waldhof and enjoy the fun of the fair, the grandeur of the Salzburg's Old Town and pure relaxation in the Waldhof Wellness World. 

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Getting to the Ruperti Fair

Salzburg's Old Town is just a 30-minute drive from Ebner’s Waldhof by the lake. The Ruperti Fair is spread over the three main city squares; Residenzplatz, Domplatz and Kapitelplatz which are just a short walk from the following public car parks: .

  • Altstadtgaragen/Mönchberggaragen
  • Rot-Kreuz-Parkplatz an der Salzach
  • Tiefgarage Unipark Nonntal